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AI + Blockchain Revolution: Oraichain & DoraHacks Partner for Next-Gen Innovation

Oraichain & DoraHacks Partnership

• Oraichain is partnering with DoraHacks to advance the adoption of its Layer 1 ecosystem for AI and Data Economy.
• The teams will work together on a number of initiatives, including AI-enhanced dApps, AI Oracles, and key infrastructure.
• This partnership seeks to foster innovations in blockchain and AI to create new projects on the network.

Goals of the Partnership

Oraichain and DoraHacks are working together to attract talent and support new projects on the network by co-hosting hackathon events, workshops, and demo sessions to promote Oraichain’s ecosystem, tech stack, and toolkits. In addition, they plan to identify synergies with other major ecosystems in order to further expand Oraichain’s impact within the blockchain space.

About DoraHacks

DoraHacks is a global hacker movement and world’s most active multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform. It has around 250,000 active users worldwide with over $30 million in grants/hackathon prizes awarded for more than 3,000 projects from its community. It also offers hackathons, bounty programs, quadratic funding, privacy voting toolkits etc., for open source communities.

About Oraichain’s Layer 1 Ecosystem

Oraichain’s IBC-enabled Layer 1 provides an infrastructure for an open data economy where data scientists can structure data using their toolsets; train; test; publish models via its AI Oracle; monetize with maximum transparency & inclusivity etc.,

Key Takeaways

The partnership between Oraichain & DoraHacks aims at fostering innovation in blockchain & AI through co-hosted hackathons/workshops/demo sessions to promote Oraichain’s ecosystem & toolkits as well as building relationships with other major ecosystems to expand their impact within the broader blockchain space.

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